GoPro | Travis Rice’s Finals POV 🎬 Natural Selection 2024 #Shorts #Snowboarding

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Kings stay kings πŸ‘‘ #GoProAthlete Travis Rice’s POV from the @NaturalSelectionTour finals in BC is as smooth as butter. Shot on our 360Β° camera, #GoProMAX.

Natural Selection Tour is the brainchild of the snowboarding icon, who first brought his vision to life in 2008 when he invited a group of pro snowboarders to join him on his home turf in Jackson, Wyoming. The goal? To create a contest that would celebrate natural terrain + creative expression, paired with slopestyle-inspired tricks.

Returning to the mainstream in 2012 with Red Bull Supernatural + the 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural, both at Baldface in British Columbia, + then again nearly a decade later as a full tour, Natural Selection Tour has become the pinnacle of all-mountain, winter sports competitions.

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