GoPro: HERO12 Black 📷 Incredible Image Quality + New Vertical Capture Mode

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HERO12 Black delivers industry-leading quality + ultimate versatility in one package. Its immersive 8:7 sensor delivers ultra-high resolution 5.3K60 + 4K120 video. A new 4K Vertical Capture Mode for Reels, TikTok, + YouTube Shorts simplifies mounting + post production for social media creators. Want to slow things down? 240FPS modes enable ultra slow-mo at 1/8 the speed of real time. Then, there’s High Dynamic Range video. HDR unlocks a realistic level of detail in your footage by exposing each frame to 2 different brightness levels + combining them into 1 balanced image. This new-to-GoPro setting lifts shadows + reduces highlights in a way that mimics what the human eye sees. #GoPro #GoProHERO12 #HyperSmooth #Videography

#ProTip: Enable our new GP-Log encoding LUT for maximum post-production control.

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