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Every day, massive amounts of plastic trash are deposited into our oceans. While one stray piece of plastic may seem insignificant, that is all it takes for a curious seal to be trapped in human waste for the rest of its life.

GoPro For a Cause partner, Ocean Conservation Namibia raises awareness about the devastating effects of plastic pollution by documenting the rescue of entangled seals and other marine wildlife from plastic debris along the Namibian coast in southern Africa. Through observation, direct action, exposure, and education OCN raises awareness of the global plastic crisis and hopes to motivate people worldwide to reduce their plastic footprint and work towards a sustainable future.

Seal rescues are OCN’s main priority. Seal entanglement is a massive problem along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast—home to more than 1.5 million Cape Fur seals. According to OCN, seals are curious and playful and often get entangled in plastic debris such as abandoned fishing lines and nets, packaging, and bags. Once entangled, the seals cannot free themselves. As they grow, the entanglements tighten around their neck, flippers, mouth, and body—leading to an agonizing death.

Over the past ten years, OCN’s seal rescue team has disentangled over 3,000 seals from ocean rubbish. Head to the link to learn how you can get involved with Ocean Cleanup Namibia 👉

Ocean Conservation Namibia is dedicated to the protection of Namibia’s marine wildlife 👉

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