GoPro | Aurora Borealis Over Iceland 🎬 Stephanie Joubert #Shorts #DarkSkyWeek

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Happy Dark Sky Week from Iceland πŸͺ„ GoPro Subscriber Stephanie Joubert earned $1,000 by using Night Lapse Photo Mode on her GoPro to capture the aurora borealis over this fairytale dwelling.

International Dark Sky Week is held during the week of the new moon in April, when people worldwide may turn off their lights to observe the beauty of the night sky without light pollution.

"For many, the darkness of night is often misunderstood, unfamiliar, and frightening. But the natural night is filled with wonder and awe, and is critical to the health and wellbeing of our planet. We invite you to join us as we discover the night together and take action to reduce light pollution!" – DarkSky International

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