Danny MacAskill’s Wheelie Project – The GREATEST Bike Trick of All Time?


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Danny MacAskill is back!

Following on from the success of Do a Wheelie, we go behind the scenes of Danny’s ambitious project to celebrate everyone’s favourite trick: THE WHEELIE. Can Danny bring his own flare to this iconic skill and land an ambitious new stunt, the wheelie front flip?

Danny MacAskill (@Danny_MacAskill)
Hans Rey (@Hansnowayrey)
Viola Brand (@Violalovescycling)
Send It Brad (@senditbrad)
Nay Whaaat ( @naywhaaat)
Lil Spartan
Ali Clarkson (@Ali_Clarkson)
And friends

‘Danny MacAskill’s Wheelie Project’ is a @CutMedia production
With thanks to adidas @fiveten


00:00 Introduction
00:49 The Wheelie Kids
04:33 Why is the Wheelie Iconic?
06:37 Viola Brand
09:28 Hans Ray
13:20 Ali Clarkson
15:05 The Wheelie Big Scene
16:04 The Wheelie Front Flip

Author: Cut Media

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How did he just go up a vertical wall?! 😳

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