Why Electric Bikes Are Better Than Regular Bikes

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There are many myths and misunderstandings when it comes to how electric bikes work. These myths often damage people’s opinion of electric bikes, but it’s easy to see that a regular bike cannot compare to an electric bike if you know the truth. Here you will learn why electric bikes are better than regular bikes.

Motorized functions

The differences between an electric bike and a regular one come from all the motorized features and parts. Namely, the motor. It helps provide pedaling assistance along with the battery to charge the motor. Once you start to pedal an electric bike the motor will kick in and start to turn the wheels with the pedaling. This provides additional power for speed and for coasting, along with an improved ability to climb inclines.


An electric bike functions like a regular one. Even if the motor isn’t running the wheels will still turn, so you can get the same speeds on an electric bike that you could on a normal one. However, at higher speeds the motor won’t kick in and you’ll have to pedal as if it were a non-electric bike.


When it comes to turning and handling, the electric bike functions no differently than the average bike. If you could make a maneuver on one bike you can do the same on the other. The electric bike does have the added benefit of additional power going up inclines, however.


The biggest difference between an electric bike and a regular one is the amount of effort you’ll have to use when riding. A normal bike is driven by using just your pedaling but an electric bike uses your pedaling and the motor. Depending on the setting you have on the motor, you can reach reasonable speeds with little to no effort. Cruising becomes easier, as well.

As you can see the main reason why electric bikes are better than regular bikes is its lack of downsides. An electric bike can do everything a normal one can do plus more. The only thing you must remember is to take care of the battery so even if you don’t use the electric part of the bike you’ll still have a functional form of transport.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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