Safety Tips for Wearing Headphones When Mountain Biking

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Listening to your favorite music boosts your energy and allows you to reach higher gears when you’re on your bike. Unfortunately, using your favorite listening device may put you in a dangerous situation if you aren’t following safety tips for wearing headphones when mountain biking.

Have One Ear on the Road

It’s better to be safe than sorry, which is why leaving one earbud out keeps you aware of potential dangers. (Even though it may seem counterintuitive to listen to music with only one earbud.) If you are debating which ear should stay open, choosing the one closest to the road will alert you when vehicles drive past.

Do Not Use Noise-Canceling Options

Noise-canceling headphones are worth owning when you are a constant traveler or want quiet while working. However, when it comes to keeping safe on your bike, you are better off opting for a different pair. As their name suggests, noise-canceling headphones completely shut off surrounding noise, making it challenging to hear traffic or emergency vehicles. While you want to have the perfect fit for your ears, use them when you’re not on the road.

Check the Weather and Wind

There’s no point in using your headphones if the wind is so strong that you can’t hear your music. Check the weather before you ride to give you an idea of how strong the wind will be that day. If the gusts are too strong, riding without earbuds is your best bet. Fiddling with the sound while biking is a hassle, and you don’t want to risk getting distracted.

Find Alternative Options

A Bluetooth speaker packs a powerful punch, and it can conveniently attach to one of your handlebars. When you use alternative listening methods, you can keep the headphones at home. If you’re an avid rider, purchase a Bluetooth helmet to be safe and listen to your music at the same time!

Follow Road Rules

It’s essential always to follow the road rules. Familiarize yourself with your path so nothing surprises you when riding. Furthermore, pick out a spot you can safely stop if you need to mess with your volume or pick a new playlist. Trying to multitask may lead to an unfortunate accident.

Following these safety tips for wearing headphones when mountain biking lets you still have a pleasant experience while being cautious on the road. The trip back to your home is the most important ride, so always pay attention to the road and your surroundings—even when you’re listening to music.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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