Conquering the TOUGHEST Mountain Bike Track | Red Bull Hardline 2024

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Red Bull Hardline, the world’s toughest mountain bike race, reaches its 10-year milestone in Wales. 35 of the best mountain bikers have gathered in Wales in preparation for this weekend final race.

The iconic downhill event will see a brand-new top section open up in 2024, challenging riders with an exposed, steep, and technical section of racing.

After Jess Blewitt’s legendary first appearance at Red Bull Hardline Wales in 2022, the event has now welcomed some of the world’s best female freeriders and racers to join the ranks of the rowdiest riders. This year, four women have completed some of the track’s most iconic features, including the Road Gap and On-Off. Those riders are Hannah Bergemann, Tahnee Seagrave, Cami Nogueira, and Vaea Verbeeck.

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