Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Review

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The Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Wheelset is designed for every condition. The geometry of the polygonal rim is both comfortable and responsive around the bends. The Rear Rim includes asymmetrical drilling for the perfect alignment of the nipples and hub for increased spoke tension, with no weak points.

Milled low, profile rims reduce the peripheral weight of the rim, while also improving response and speed. Straight-head steel spokes in variable sections provide maximum torsional stiffness, this provides the best aerodynamics and stability at high speeds. – A.D.

Key Features:

  • Aluminium shallow profile (approximately 20mm deep) clincher rims with polygonal design have have a welded join and are machined to remove excess weight for a quicker, lighter and stronger wheel
  • Asymmetric rear rim is laterally stiffer and stronger to transfer all your effort to the road
  • Stainless steel spokes are bladed and butted creating a lighter, stronger and more aero profile
  • Carbon and aluminium hub bodies are strong and lightweight to keep you rolling mile after mile
  • Standardised cup and cone style front and rear bearings use grade 10 stainless steel bearings (4 x 15 sets of 5/32″balls) for a long lasting, smooth hub which is easily adjustable and serviceable
  • Monolithic Campagnolo specific freehub body
  • Please note these wheels are clincher, they will only accept clincher tyres (not included)
  • Please note these wheels come with a Campagnolo specific freehub design, this will only work with Campagnolo cassettes
  • Includes: QR levers (front and rear), rim tape and two wheel bags
  • Weight: 630g (front), 840g (rear) (manufacturer claimed)

Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Review:

The Campagnolo wheels (with the exception of the hybrid wheel set) have a great reputation for being amazing light weight, aerodynamic wheels. They do cost a fairly huge amount of money, but of course they are hand made to a very high standard.

Once fitted to my bike, I was impressed with how these wheels have a nice reassuring weight to them, they give you the feeling that they are well built and well designed. I also think they look great and I really like the way the rear rim has been split from the front rim so that they look like a fish….

As with all Campagnolo wheels, you are able to change the spokes if the ones that come with the wheels ever get damaged. For this you need a special tool called a spoke key which is used to loosen the spoke nipple. Campagnolo do supply this with their wheels.

I’ve had the chance to use these wheels for about 5,000 miles and they have never let me down or even showed any signs of weakness. Overall I think these are really good wheels. I like the way they look, the way they ride and the way they feel.

If you ride a lot an want a set of very good quality wheels the Neutron Ultras would be an excellent choice to look at.

Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Review:

Cycling sports have evolved in many aspects, the prime technology name in the cycle field is Campagnolo which has been set a benchmark for ingenuity since its foundation in 1933. Campagnolo has managed to create multiple products to cater for cycling enthusiasts, there are pedals, chains, shoes, brakes, cook sets, tools and much more. Since the early nineties Campagnolo started producing wheels which became their very own technological Know-How, the Zenith wheels. The Zenith line of wheels are known to be the wheels that set standards in the cycle industry. Despite how the time has been changing and evolving so fast all these years, Campagnolo never stops improving its technology, materials and designs to create new products.

Campagnolo is a legendary brand in its own right, this is a brand which has a rich history, and has been able to produce various sports products and research that has catered directly to cyclists.

The brand is known in the cycling community as being the top brand for good quality and extremely high end products – Their components are used by the best pro riders in the world and their high end products are often featured in various cycling events around the world like the Tour de France.

As the wheel of a bicycle has been the most important factor to comfort and safety, Campagnolo has always been racing to try and produce the lightest wheel possible. Another main reason they have always tried to create a very light weight wheel, is also because of the aerodynamic advantages that a light weight wheel will bring to the bicycle.

Campagnolo is one of the brands that is able to produce the lightest weight racing wheels ever, and one of those is the Campagnolo Neutron Ultra wheel set.

The Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Wheel set is the lightest racing wheel ever made by Campagnolo, it is their very own masterpiece and they have succeeded to create a wheel that is competitive and suitable for the best pro riders in the World.

The wheels are absolutely fantastic, they are extremely light weight, relatively able to sustain a really high amount of pressure, and have an extremely high amount of aerodynamics. These Neutron Ultra wheels are really for the high level rider because they are extremely strong, and are not for the kind of rider that uses their bicycle to get from A to B around town and stuff.

These Neutron Ultra wheels are built to last, and are designed to withstand various weather conditions. When riding they are extremely responsive, the sound that they make is really unique, and they look fantastic. The material that has been used to build these wheels is extremely durable. The wheels are run with a Campagnolo specific free hub which is extremely well built and extremely well made. The front wheel is laced with 22 spokes and the rear wheel has 24 spokes. The rim and the spokes are extremely well built, it is easy to distinguish the amount of hard work that Campagnolo put into making sure that high quality material is used in making the wheels and ensuring that the wheels are actually the best wheels that have ever been produced.

The wheels have become increasingly popular among various amateur riders and professional riders alike, as they are extremely light weight which gives a competitive advantage over other riders. The wheels also have a great design and they look fantastic and come in a variety of elegant colour combinations. These wheels are able to provide a high level of comfort which makes long distance rides a real pleasure. If you want the best then you need to have Campagnolo wheels and also compliment them with the high end Campagnolo Chorus groupset, which will provide you with a new experience which you will never forget.

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